Don’t let code get on your nerves

Master React is a book to learn React, a JavaScript library for single page web applications (SPAs).

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Ever built a JavaScript-heavy frontend? You know how maddening it is when the UI refuses to update and clicking a button triggers null pointer exceptions

React is more than a view layer. Read Master React to learn how React helps you to constrain how updates flow to keep the application state consistent.

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  1. Your first React application
  2. JavaScript Review
  3. React in-depth
  4. Extending components
  5. Immutability
  6. Mastering the development tools
  7. Integrating third-party libraries
  8. Ensuring correctness
  9. JSX in-depth
  10. Building a more complex application
  11. Server-side React
When can I buy the book?
I am planning a release for the start of 2017.
What if I am not a JavaScript expert?
The book assumes only basic JavaScript knowledge; backend developers who program occasionally on the frontend should be fine.
Which book formats can I get?
The electronic book will be available in Mobi (Kindle), ePub and PDF.
What happens if I sign up?
You’ll get updates when the book is about to be released and occasional React tips.
There used to be an online version!
You can read the blog for React tips and tutorials.

About the Author

Ludovico Fischer has worked on backend applications with complex frontend logic for the logistics and travel sector.

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